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I've spent a lot of

I've spent a lot of time lately trying to scan in pictures for bronek.org before I leave next week. After working on the Italian section most of yesterday, our service provider here decided to down their servers and cause me major crashes and stress at 0400 in the morning while I was trying to upload it. As I was half asleep and very low on caffeine I failed to realise this for an hour while I tried to fix my pc! Why does downtime always have to be in the middle of the night?

Yesterday, Clarins were doing a demonstration in a shop window in town. A girl, clad in only a towel, was getting a massage, and most of the drunks in Copenhagen had gathered around the window to watch and shout encouragement. She didn't look like she appreciated the attention though. As I continued through town, I was stopped by two hippie bible-bashers who tried to enlist me into their Danish cult. I lied and told them I went to a Catholic church. Must be time for another haircut.

This is a photo of a group of underwater statues in the canal in Copenhagen. People keep running into them in boats, hence the bouy.
underwater statue

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