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Haven't been updating this much

Haven't been updating this much as I've not been online often in the last few days. I'm writing this from Mark's pc, and enjoying the satisfaction of his adsl connection. It's been fairly good weather since I got here and some people are even going around in shorts. I've been staying between Paul's boat in the marina and Vicky and Dan's flat and much drinking and revelry has been involved. It looks like I'm getting the slow ferry back to the UK tomorrow evening, and this is nothing to look forward to as it takes about 16 hours to do the trip that the normal ferry does in 2-3, as it rolls it's way across to England.

It's been really good to get back to Guernsey, it's just a shame that I have to leave already. It's one place that I really feel happy to get back to, and as you wander around, people seem happy to be living here too. Everyone has been laughing at me for locking the car door after me; it's normal just to leave the keys in the ignition when you park as there is so little crime here. Yesterday a policeman smiled at me - this has never happened before, and customs let me onto the island without the usual strip-search! I really do have to get back here more often.

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