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So today is the last

So today is the last day that I'll be twenty-something. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday (gasp) and it's also the day that I'm leaving on my European cycle ride. I plan to cycle south from here to Germany, then head over towards France and see how far I can go without taking any other form of overland transport. I hope to keep this page updated as I travel and publish the pictures on the site when I return.

As has become customary on the eve of a big trip, I spent today running around trying to find the last elusive items and bike parts that I needed. I got back to the flat all ready to start working on my bike and packing, when Nina insisted on taking me to a surprise birthday dinner with her sisters. It was a lovely meal, although all the candles on the cake nearly set off the smoke alarms when I blew them out! So now, I'm stuffed full of food and it's time to start getting the bike ready, so I better go...

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