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We arrived in Bangkok yesterday

We arrived in Bangkok yesterday and the trip went smoothly. We had to catch a connecting flight in Helsinki, and so with a few hours to spare, we took the bus into town to try out the local McDonalds (and to see some of the city). We had a quick walk around the centre and as it was midsummer's day it was daylight until vey late. Then we grabbed the bus back to the airport and caught the nine and a half hour flight over to Bangkok.

On arrival, it was about 32c outside, and we headed into town on the airport shuttle and booked into the first hotel we stepped into. It was so nice to put our bags down and have a shower. Then I found a problem. I tried to switch my Palm on and it refused to work. It had been trying to die for the last few months, probably due to the fact that it gets carried everywhere and thrown around a lot. It had basically everything I needed in it - telephone numbers, addresses, notes; none of which I wanted to lose. Finally I managed to reboot it, but lost all of the data! It is of course backed up on my pcs in Denmark, but I won't be able to get to them for a long time. To put it into context, today I feel a bit like I've lost half the information in my brain.

After recovering from this shock, we took a tuk-tuk into the centre of Bangkok. These are like motorbikes converted to carry passengers in the back, and the drivers tear around the roads between all the traffic. We walked into a huge shopping centre that seemed bigger and more advanced than anything we'd been to in the Western hemisphere. It had 8 or 9 levels with a huge central atrium criss-crossed by escalators and walls with video screens. We were starving, so we headed to the restaurant section, which was filled with lots of Asian delicacies we'd never seen before. We were just deciding what to eat when we looked closer and saw cockroaches crawling over the food. We didn't feel quite so hungry after that.

The streets are filled with endless things to look at. We're surprised that much of the city is so advanced. Many of the walkways are built in the air, suspended above the streets and traffic, and above that is the skytrain, a (mono?) rail system that crosses the central area. There are shops everywhere, and it seems that you can find just about anything here.

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