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It's Sunday evening and there's

It's Sunday evening and there's a tropical rainstorm going on outside. On Wednesday we had our digital camera stolen. We don't know how because, as usual, we've been very careful, but somehow it was taken. Needless to say, we're not very happy about it, and I'm seriously missing it. We spent the next day looking around some of the street markets in Chinatown here, hoping to come across it, but there was little chance of seeing it again. Theft happens at a whole new level here; old shoes are stolen from outside temples as you have to remove your shoes before you go in! We may return from this trip with considerably less luggage than we took with us! To make matters worse, my cellphone has decided to stop working in the last couple of days, which means that I've had a 100% failure rate amongst the electronics that I brought with me on the trip... in the first 2 weeks!

Well, I guess these things happen when you're travelling, and we're still enjoying our time here, although we are looking at things through slightly different eyes.

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