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Am I a Nazi?

Sometimes Nina talks in her sleep. Last night she suddenly shouted out, "No Bron, you can't become a Nazi!" Maybe this says something about what she thinks of me.

As I said previously, we now have Zamindar in the water and we're sitting in the marina in Titusville. We're still waiting for a couple of parts to turn up, but we're in no real hurry to leave as we haven't decided where we're going to take the boat next. One of the parts was supposed to turn up today, but when I called about it this morning I was told that it wouldn't be here until 'around the end of the year'. So, I spent all day on the phone trying to find someone who had it in stock until finally I found a place in New York with one. This is normally how you spend your time with boats.

We did have some entertainment tonight in the form of the space shuttle taking off from the other side of the river. Titusville is the closest town to Kennedy Space Centre and the launch pad is about 5 miles away, so we walked down to the bridge and had a great view of lift off. The Americans really enjoy things like this, and they all became very excited and jumped up and down screaming. Nina declared it very retro, like something from the 70's, which I suppose it is.

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