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As I said, the weather

As I said, the weather last week in Mallorca was awful, with gale force winds and rain for four days. I'd sailed the boat up to another anchorage which was more sheltered a few days earlier but even still Zamindar was rolling so much that I had to hold on to the bed when I went to sleep at night. It gets really tiring when you're moving non-stop like that for days on end and it was too rough to even get ashore, so it was something of a relief when the weather improved and I got to stand on solid ground again.

Just before I left Mallorca, I'd gone for a walk, and after wandering through olive groves with old men sitting in the sun, I returned to town where I passed a group of people, one of whom was lying on the pavement. They were all shouting, but I couldn't understand what language they were talking or guess where they could have been from. Then I recognised the football tops they were wearing... Scotland. One of the girls was on her back on the pavement and appeared to be incredibly pissed while the others tried to drag her to the next bar by her arms, shoes dragging along the ground. It's so good to see Scottish culture being taken to other countries.

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