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To add to the list

To add to the list of recent breakages on the boat, the outboard on the
dinghy overheated the other evening while I was having a trip around the
harbour in the dark. I'm hoping that the water intake just got blocked by a
floating plastic bag or something and that caused the impeller to burn out,
which wouldn't be too difficult to fix, and that it's nothing more serious.
Tomorrow I'll try to get a new impeller in Palma and see if that fixes it.
It's normal for things like that to happen, but I feel quite frustrated
right now as they all seem to be happening together. Nina arrives here
tomorrow evening and I'll be very happy to see her as it's been 5 weeks
since I left Denmark. Although I don't really get lonely on my own, I'm
beginning to feel the effects of the last weeks of solitude and not knowing
anyone here, so I'm glad that's ending.

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