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Ciutadella and free-diving

The other day we managed to get ashore by lunchtime, and caught a bus to Ciutadella on the other side of the island. The most striking aspect of Menorca appears to be that it is a very bushy island, with very many bushes everywhere. The entire island is a UNESCO biosphere reserve, which I assume is due to the profusion of bushes. Once we arrived in Ciutadella we were impressed by the city but somewhat shocked by the huge number of screaming children being dragged around it by burned tourists. Nonetheless, it was worth it to see all those bushes on the way.

Having been disillusioned some time ago by the preparation and equipment needed on your back to go scuba diving, Nina and I have been working on our free-diving technique, which is diving without tanks. Today, whilst swimming through a school of fish, we got down to a new personal record of 12m, though it's still a little short of the world record of 98m, so we still have some work to do.

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