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Beer in cans and phone throwing

Here in Copenhagen it was summer a week ago, autumn seemed to last about three days, and now it feels like winter has arrived. So with the temperature heading fast towards freezing point in the evenings and the days getting noticeably shorter all the time, what are people getting excited about in Denmark?

Well, the biggest event this month is the arrival of beer in cans. Previously, due to environmental laws, drinks were only allowed to be sold in recyclable bottles, but due to pressure from the European Union to increase competition, the Danish government have implemented a refund system for properly marked cans and allowed their distribution. Hence, everyone is very excited with the opportunity to sample the new, metallic taste of beer from a tin. You just have to remember not to crush the can afterwards as it costs almost as much as the beer that's in it. [more info]

The other day I was happily flying along on my bike at 30km/h when I hit a bump and my phone flew out of my bag. I watched as it hit the ground, bounced twice, then overtook me and spun down the road for 30metres. I stopped my bike, expecting to pick up the pieces, but to my amazement it was fine and still worked. I think I may have shortened its life though, as it's now flexible, but maybe I should take part in the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships.

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