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I did a really embarassing

I did a really embarassing thing tonight. I'd been woken up by a mosquito buzzing around my head, and so was busy trying to hunt it down in the cabin when I heard a couple of English guys fighting ashore. Normally things are completely silent at night here, so I went out to see what was happening, as from where the boat is I can see all along the harbour front. Anyway, while I'm watching this I see another two guys wandering along looking into all the cars like they're going to break into one. Then they carry on walking and get onto one of the motorboats in the harbour, look around, then get onto the next one. They spend a bit of time wandering around it, then they get inside, and one of them keeps coming out to look around. This is happening at 0430, so obviously they're breaking into the boat. So I call the Port Police and say that there's a couple of guys acting suspiciously on one of the boats, thinking that someone will have a walk past to see if any of them have been broken into. However, ten minutes later a huge police launch with three armed police on it comes screaming out of the port and over to the pontoon I'm on, wakening everyone on all the other boats up. I, of course, point out the motorboat to them, tell them what I saw, and they go over to it. Which would have been great if only the two pissed, young English guys on the motorboat hadn't been the owners sons! As the police boat passed on its way back, I thought it prudent to keep my head down and spare everyone from being woken up again to be told the news, though I really did want to apologise.

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