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adsl and pixies...

The WeatherPixie
Yesterday I spoke to Ocean on IM, whom we stayed with when we were in Hong Kong last year, and there he pays �10 a month for a 3-Mbit adsl line - 12 times faster than the connection we have in Denmark, and a fraction of the cost. Electronics and internet access are much cheaper in Asia as they're considered to be everyday items, rather than having the luxury status they command in the west.
This is WeatherPixie, and right now she's showing what the weather's like in Copenhagen. As the weather changes, the graphic changes and she changes her clothes, which I think is very cool. Should she have a permanent place on the site?


Yes she should, and try hacking the site to input very hot weather (South of France type in High Summer)!

Keep hoping Chris - we might have an Indian summer in Copenhagen and she'll strip!
You can take your pick of weatherpixies at <a href="http://weatherpixie.com/index.php?page=guide">http://weatherpixie.com/index.php?page=guide</a>

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