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Rabid Dundee

Dundee webcam
Dundee looks like it could be becoming the rabid city with the first suspected case of rabies in Britain for the last 100 years. You can take a look at the city centre on this very good live webcam and watch for people foaming at the mouth. We had bats living around our house in Dundee, and they never bit me. He was obviously bothering them. Hopefully the council won't use this as an excuse to exterminate them all.

Also in the news today is this story about a school some of my friends went to, which yesterday elecrocuted some children while they were in the swimming pool.

After fighting with it for 3 years, I finally gave up on Windows 98 last night, removed it, and installed Windows 2000. Now I just have to get it working properly and, allegedly, my life will be wonderful...

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