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Christmas Eve

Nina and I arrived in Mahon last night about 1900. We then spent two and a half hours trying to find someone who could take us across the harbour to where the boat is. Finally we found a friendly French guy who took us just as we were beginning to think about swimming it.

Its really nice to get back to the boat and Spain, and its about 17c and sunny here - warm enough for us to see a British tourist wearing shorts today. Ninas cooking Christmas dinner at the moment and Im just off to get a few last things from the supermarket.

Merry Christmas to everybody.


And a very Merry Christmas to you both from us both :-)

Does your Spanish mobile number/sim card still work or should we still use the Danish one? Might need to phone in the next day or two for some reason?!

Merry christmas to you too, and have a great new year! Don't drink any blue lemonade though!

Spanish one still works Chris, have a good new year!

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