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Skating & Caffeine

This afternoon I went skating in Kongens Nytorv, one of Copenhagen's main squares, which they put an ice rink into every winter. Apart from the fact that you get all these five year-olds showing off and flying past you, it felt like the right thing to be doing in December, and took my mind off wondering why I'm spending it freezing in a country where the sun only seems to come up for 20 minutes a day. Video of it here (2.8Mb).

Afterwards I went to Espresso House for a coffee to warm up. The two most boring men in the world, however, were sitting in the seats next to me. Not only were they insanely boring but they were loud and American so it was impossible to ignore them. I was once proudly told that Americans are taught to project their voices; whoever is teaching them this - can you please stop? Their conversation was more like they were preaching to the room than talking to each other and went something like,
"I believe in objective reality... without governments there would be no corporations"
"blah, blah, blah...blah, blah, blah..."
I guessed that they were here to protest at the EU meeting in Copenhagen this week as all sorts of bizarre and dull people are beginning to appear in town. It's worrying that the protesters these days are even more boring than the politicians.


i like yo you know like its this enormous hole like a big like black hole am i like talking out of my arse like i dont mean to im sorry like its......its only natural like we cant help it like if were like american u know what i mean? dont you? anyway like were real glad we found ure great new improved like web site its realy cool like u know are you american polish with that name?.......were gonna really like keep in touch oh yeh brother. god bless the US of Arse.

what did you say you were doing in the Middle East??

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