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Airline Chaos

Our flight touched down in Copenhagen last night, 24 hours late, and it was a bit of a shock to see the temperature was -7c and there was a foot of snow on the ground after being used to the mild Mediterranean winter of the last few weeks.

I didn't check my email on Thursday and so I didn't see that Spanair had written to tell us that our flight from Barcelona to Copenhagen had been cancelled. When we arrived in Menorca airport the girl at the check-in desk was busy re-scheduling us onto a series of flights through as many European airports as possible when the phone rang and she was told that our morning flight to Barcelona was cancelled also. Two flights cancelled in one day due to 'technical problems' was beginning to sound a bit like there'd been an air disaster. Initially they wanted us to wait five hours for the afternoon flight and then change numerous times before finally getting to Copenhagen late at night, but after a lot of negotiating they agreed to give us a hotel for the night in Menorca, lunch, dinner, breakfast, cover our taxi costs, and book us onto flights the following day. Obviously, I would miss a day in Denmark, but I would just have to live with that.

So we stayed in the Mirador d'es Port hotel, and we could just see the boat from our window while we took advantage of all the luxuries we'd been without while afloat. The dining room had a panoramic view of the harbour, but dinner itself turned out to be a barely edible deep-fried nightmare that must have been cooked on the floor by one of the cleaners, and we fully expected to get food poisoning from it. The chef was obviously working himself again by the following morning, however, as breakfast was a wonderful, huge buffet that we had to drag ourselves away from to get to the airport in time.

We'd also persuaded Spanair to give us an upgrade to business class for our flights from Barcelona, however, upon getting onto the thirty minute flight from Mahon, we realised that they'd upgraded that instead. So rather than getting the advantages of unlimited food, drink and attractive stewardesses all the way to Copenhagen, we were given a sandwich and a glass of water on our way to Barcelona. When we arrived, I went to the Spanair desk and attempted to explain the mistake through a bulletproof glass window, but unfortunately the girl working there was horribly retarded and failed to understand anything that was going on.

We had six hours to kill in Barcelona before our next flight so we took the coach into the city and had a walk around. It was a few years since I'd last been there and although it's an exciting place, it's still suffering badly from too many tourists and the deformed beggars and con-artists attracted by its rich pickings. As we sat inside a cafe I reached into my pocket to pay the bill. Seeing this from the street outside, a gypsy boy rushed in, asked me for money, then left again when he realised I was Scottish.

By the time we boarded the flight to Denmark it felt like it had been a long day. As we'd been given the seats at the very front of tourist class though, we were able to look through the curtains and watch the wonderful meal being served in business class while the black man behind us snorted and tried desperately to cough something up whilst swearing and attacking the back of our seats with his head.

Copenhagen had apparently been hit by some form of ice-age earlier in the week, with temperatures getting down to -23c. The airport had been closed, people had been stranded, and even now there were thousands of unclaimed suitcases stacked up in the baggage hall. It was all a bit unexpected.


Yeah, and guess whose suitcase was stranded at the airport for 6 days!! Can't recommend sleeping on the floor either....See ya :-)

Why did it take them 6 days to get your bag??
I don't believe Chris is still making you sleep on the floor, Berit!

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