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IT Conference

I was at the Human-Tech Conference today, which aims to bring together IT in the resund region of Denmark and Sweden. Unfortunately, they couldn't decide which language to hold the conference in. It was held in Denmark, the website and the slides were in English, and most of the presentations were in Swedish. To welcome the attendants there was a guy who they'd painted silver to look like a robot, which was particularly sad as he just looked like a street entertainer who'd wandered in by accident. I went along mainly for the presentations on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but they didn't even have wireless coverage so I left after lunch and moved to a nearby cafe that was a bit better connected. One of the presentations was by Aptilo, who have put a wireless hotspot into Copenhagen airport which travellers can connect to at an exhorbitant cost. Nina stood up during the question time and grilled them about the type of security they had implemented on it, but neither of the speakers knew. We did - none.

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