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Pub Lunches

I had a pub lunch in Wetherspoons with Ged today, and it felt wonderfully decadent. I would never really have gone for a pub lunch in Britain when I worked here and as there aren't really pubs in the other countries I've been in since, it felt like something that I'd been missing out on for a long, long time. Must remember to go to the pub more at lunch time while I'm here.

The other thing I didn't realise that I missed is the natural wit that's so much a part of a life in Britain. After lunch I was sitting in Starbucks listening to the banter that was going on in the conversations around me when I looked up to find a pissed old man staring into the window smiling at me. I looked at him and he blinked when I blinked then he made the sign of the cross, stared some more, and finally moved along to stare at some Japanese girls who were also looking out of the window. One of them was putting on make-up and jumped back terrified, streaking lipstick across her face as he appeared inches away from her on the other side of the glass. He gradually moved along the row of seats that looked out of the window and everyone, including myself, who had just been stared at found it very funny to watch someone else getting the same treatment from the wierdo outside. Maybe he'd been for a pub lunch as well.

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