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Zen and The Art

Chris rides again
I knew it would happen. Chris took me out for a ride last night on his new bike, a Kawasaki ZX6R. It has to be the fastest thing I've ever been on. Thundering down the motorway at 130mph (210kph), my legs numb from the cold, barely hanging onto the back, and hoping we didn't hit any ice, it was incredible! The acceleration and adrenalin rush you get is phenomenal. So now I'm thinking about doing my motorcycle licence here in Britain and getting myself a bike. I will of course kill myself if I do, but I do have to die somehow.

Top 10 reasons why bikes are better than women
1. You can ride your bike whenever you want
2. Your bike doesn't mind if you ride other bikes.
3. You do not have to keep sending money to your old bike when you get a new one
4. Bikes do not mind if you read bike magazines
5. You can let your friends ride your bike
6. Your bike only whines if there is something really wrong
7. Your bike doesn't sulk if you don't ride it for a few days
8. Your bike will never leave you for another cyclist
9. Other people can fix your bike for you if it is giving you problems
10. You can change the bits that don't work or look good on your bike

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