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Cycle to Bath

A ferret eating a frusli bar
I'm in Bath tonight after cycling here today from Bristol. My healthy day of cycling got off to a bad start when I woke up suffering from a hangover, then stopped for a fried breakfast after the first five miles.

The Avon cycle path is really lovely though as it follows the path of the old railway line, and soon I was cycling through the countryside on my way to Bath. I stopped by a small river for lunch, and while sitting there noticed a stoat ferret (thanks, Mark) on the river bank. I crept over & took some photographs of it but I began to wonder if it was stranded on the bank, so I fed it a Frusli bar, which it really seemed to enjoy. A bit further down the path I passed some squirrels so I gave them some Frusli bar as well.

When I got into Bath, the youth hostel turned out to be at the top of one of the city's highest hills (11% gradient for over 1km), which didn't really surprise me as they always seem to put them on top of hills to piss off cyclists, but by the time I got there my face was bright red and the sweat was pouring off me.

Right now I'm in the pub, having just had dinner, but I think tonight might be an early one.


Isn't that a ferret? Stoats look the same but are the same colour as a fox I think?

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