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baby camel
We got back from our 2000km round trip across Oman this morning. The Dhofar region, where we were, as well as being the world capital for frankincense, has always had a reputation of being bandit country, and much of the population share their ancestry with the Yemenis, which we were only 50km away from. By the time we were leaving, things were beginning to feel quite unstable. Saddam had called for a jihad a couple of days before and apparently a lot of Yemenis were on their way to Iraq to answer the call. Every cafe we sat down in was showing Aljazeera on TV, with footage of civilian casualties and screaming children in Baghdad. A guy at an adjacent table asked where we were from. We lied. "Ireland? You terrorist? Good!", he replied. We felt like everyone's eyes were burning into us as we walked through town to catch our bus. We had things thrown at us and a crazed old guy wearing camoflage gear and a huge dagger screamed at us as we were boarding the coach.

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