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Ministry of Sound Bangkok

Ministry of Sound turned out to be pretty cool last night, and has really good sound and lighting systems - I ended up sitting close to speakers for a while and my shirt was moving to the bass. One of the nice things is that if you sit down at a table with some people then security will keep those seats for you for the rest of the night and move anyone else who sits at it. It's lacking more ambient lighting though and it has something of a bare 'student union' feel to it than the opulence in Narcissus, but it's a huge club.


Think you should change your Weblog title to Clublog for the next few days!

how do i get there???

the address is on their website - just follow the link.

I heard that PvD will do an Asia-Tour late February to early March.
As we are doing our yearly island-hopping (Ko Tao, Phangan, Samui) in Thailand around that time, it would be great to catch a flight to Zouk Singapore or Ministry of Sound Bangkok to see Paul spin.

Anyone know details yet ?


PvD came to Seoul last month. i was there. it was really great.

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