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Bangkok Water Taxis

Just spent another day power shopping in Bangkok. I took the water taxi into town as it's by far my favourite way to travel across the city. They run through the narrow klongs or canals that criss-cross Bangkok and each boat carries about 90 people. The captains and line handlers are truly skilled, making it all look so easy as they dodge obstructions in the waterway at high speed then roar up to a dock at 20knots, slam it into reverse, then jump off and take a line around a bollard. One of the other benefits is that it means the locals are quite boat savvy as they jump on or off without the fear that most westerners would have on vessels.

This evening I went to see The Matrix Reloaded which was truly spectacular. The martial art scenes are slick, incredibly fast, and beautifully shot. The dialogue is witty, and they've even fixed some of the holes in their clothes. Just make sure you stay until the end of the credits.

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