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Bed Supperclub, Bangkok

time to go to bed
We'd heard that Bed Supperclub was rumoured to be another of Bangkok's ultra-hip nightclubs so we went out last night to check it out. The most impressive thing about it is the pod architecture - oval in shape, steel framed, and steel skinned, with a futuristic all white interior and padded pvc panels. Half of the building is a restaurant with huge padded sofas around the room which you take your shoes off and climb onto. There the staff wear all-white uniforms and furry boots and there's an ice sculpture as the room's centrepiece and lovely TAG McLaren loudspeakers on the walls. On the other side of the building, through huge sliding padded doors, is the club. Unfortunately, it doesn't stand up to being very impressive apart from its design. With a badly mixed selection of old house music, average sound (cheaper speakers), and a disappointing lighting system, it's clear why the hip of Bangkok have abandoned it and the main clientele are fat expense account tourists falling around the small dance floor. We left early after the staff took our half-finished drinks while our backs were turned.

We returned to the guesthouse, opened the SARS Bar, recognised some people passing by who'd been in the club, invited them over, and spent a very enjoyable night drinking with them until 07:00.


I'm interested to get some more pictures from Bed Supperclub's exterior and interior.

Stockholm, Sweden

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