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Virgin Ride

The trip down from Scotland yesterday with Virgin trains was actually quite pleasant until we got to Birmingham. Finally, it appears that British trains have caught up with the rest of the world and installed sockets next to the seats which meant that I could mess around with my long neglected laptop on the way. At Birmingham, however, the inevitable happened. A woman with two screaming children sat next to me and the most boring man in the world talked incessantly about life on a council estate in the seat behind me.

Chris picked me up in Bristol and helped rescue me from a security barrier which had closed into my groin as I fled from the platform with bags in both hands, such was my rush to escape from the train. He's just moved into a lovely new flat in close proximity to all the essential bars and clubs in the city with Kryn (and soon to be joined by Berit). The only problem is that they're still waiting for all essential services to be connected (broadband, landline, porn channel...) so I'm having to write this in town on my laptop from a cafe which is covered by a nearby wireless network - 'wi-fi for the homeless', as I believe it's called.

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