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El Divino, Ibiza

I finally had enough of staring at the beach at the weekend and caught the ferry into Ibiza for a night of partying and self abuse. Due to the first ferry being at 0700 the following morning I knew I had a long night ahead of me so I headed off to a cafe for half a dozen espressos before beginning the hunt for cheap club tickets in Ibiza town. Entrance to a club here can be 50 but with a bit of hunting around you can usually find someone in a bar selling a free pass. I'd decided to check out Hed Kandi at El Divino, arguably one of the most happening places in Ibiza town on a Saturday night, and found a ticket for 20. One of the surprising things is that the big names in clubbing don't actually have clubs here but share the same six or so main properties on different nights. Hence there is no actual Ministry of Sound, Cream, Cafe del Mar, or Manumission club, with Manumission, for example, moving between two different clubs on consecutive nights.

So I walked into El Divino like someone on a pilgrimage to Mecca expecting to be impressed. The club is in a fantastic location, built in the port of Ibiza with views across to the old town and harbour (in fact arriving by dinghy could save you the entire entrance fee!). Immediately, however, you realise that the place is neither big nor slick with only one dancefloor and no chill-out room. The sound system is lovely, the mixing is class, but it felt a bit monotonous, most people weren't dancing and it just didn't cut it in atmosphere for me. On top of that it was 28c outside, much hotter inside, unbearable if you were dancing, and a glass of water was 5. All in all, it felt very much like a package tour destination, over-commercialised, and Americanised... in fact one visitor from the USA seemed quite intent on trying to beat me to a pulp for sitting in 'his seat'. It was lovely seeing the sunrise as the ferry came into Formentera though, and after 2 hours in bed I was woken by one of my new Spanish chums whom I'd promised to have a beer with.

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