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Rude Awakening

Chris came into my cabin and woke me up at 06:30 this morning to tell me that some of the boats in the anchorage were beginning to drag. The wind had picked up to about force 5-6, blowing straight into the anchorage from the sea, and bringing lots of swell with it.

Normally I dive on my anchor to make sure that it's dug in, and although I hadn't felt like doing it the night before, having slashed my foot open earlier in the day, I'd gone in and spent a lot of time hunting through the weed on the seafloor, turning the anchor over, and digging it in by hand. I was glad I did now as I sat and watched as about 25 boats in the anchorage began to drag one by one. People were blowing foghorns to warn that boats were dragging, but on one of the boats which was about to collide everyone still seemed to be asleep. Chris and I mounted a rescue mission, got in the dinghy, and went off through the waves to waken them up. After a lot of banging on their hull a couple of hungover faces appeared and looked shocked to see that they were just a few metres from hitting another boat. By the time the wind had dropped, the previously packed anchorage was looking pretty deserted.

Chris, Berit and I took a bus to Ibiza Town this afternoon and were amazed by how lovely it was. We stood and watched a procession in the harbour, wandered around the streets and shops past all The Beautiful People, had dinner, and decided that it has to be one of the nicest towns in the Balearics.


Sorry for the rude awakening matey :-)

We're back in Bristol now. Thanks for a fantastic holiday mate, we both found being back in the UK a bit wierd. Wishing we were back in an all by stickier paradise with you :-)

Love CnB

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