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I went down to check the prop yesterday and discovered that it was pretty clean, but unfortunately the rest of the hull looked a bit like a kelp forest. When the tidal wave had swept into the harbour it destroyed the mussel farm that used to be there, and now it seemed that most of them had found a new home on Zamindars hull. I began the slow job of cleaning it up, scraping the waterline, then snorkelling under the hull and scrubbing all the growth off. Its incredible how quickly ocean life can grow and I was half expecting Greenpeace to turn up as I set about destroying this new aquatic ecosystem. After several hours Id begun to make a difference to it, but then, after staying underwater for quite a long time, I surfaced quickly for air, hit my head hard on the outboard engine, cut it open, broke the snorkel off my mask losing it, and almost lost consciousness. I got up into the boat with blood streaming down my face but after a bit of first aid the bleeding soon stopped. So today my forehead has a huge lump and cuts and bruises on it and Im back underwater again continuing the cleanup job.

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