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Anchored in Eivissa

Zamindar is now anchored in Eivissa harbour after sailing over yesterday. The trip was all right, and although the wind was pretty much in front of us, we still managed to do some sailing and even saw some flying fish on the way.


Zemindar, n. (Anglo-Ind.). (Hist.) district governor & revenue-farmer under Mogul empire; (mod.) Indian landed proprietor paying land-tax to British government. [Hind., f. Pers. zamindr (zamin - earth, dr - holder)]

Ref. The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Current English, 3rd edition, 1944.

Love Chrissy

n. - noun
ind. - indicative, indirect
hist. - history, historical
mod. - modern
hind. - Hindi, Hindustani
f. - from
Pers. - Persian

P.S. Guess who's been reading a bloody old dictionary?

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