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Barbecues and Wipe Outs

elizabeth and jorge
At the weekend we had a barbecue on the beach in Espalmador with Jorge and Elizabeth, my chums from Taniwha, one of the other boats. Jorge used to have a vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona, which was somewhat ironic as we sat grilling tons of meat on the fire.

We took Elizabeth to the ferry last night as she was flying home then had dinner and went out to Casa Paco, which has to be one of the nicest bars/clubs in Formentera. It was around 0400 when we began heading back in the dinghy to the boats, which were about 5km away. It was very calm, with no wind at all and completely dark, but we knew the way quite well and it looked like it would be a fast, smooth ride. As we got closer to Espalmador, however, quite a big swell began to come in from the south. In itself it was nothing to worry about, but as we began to cross the shallow sandbank between Formentera and Esplamador, Jorge suddenly shouted and I looked over to see a huge breaking wave coming straight for us. I tried to turn the dinghy into it to stop us from getting capsized but it still hit us hard, throwing us and the boat over towards a dangerous sandbar and dumping a ton of water on top of us. It was dark and a bit worrying as all we could see were the white breaking crests of waves surrounding us. Impressively, the boat didn't turn over, the engine kept running, and I hit the throttle hard so that we hit the next wave with enough force to go right through it. We got out into deeper water as fast as we could then took a bit of a detour the rest of the way over to Espalmador in case another big wave came through. By the time I got back to Zamindar everything I was wearing was totally soaked and the dinghy was full of water.


Pah, you want to try the overfalls on the Schole bank!

Does this put a stopper on your idea of moving away from a RIB for your next dingy? :-)

eh, yeah... you might be right there Chris!

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