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clubbing in pacha
Carita and I were sitting on deck yesterday afternoon having a deep and meaningful conversation about the origins of french fries when Maxime came over from Manic, one of the nearby boats, carrying a stack of print-outs from my website having recognised the boat from it. It was quite bizarre to talk to someone who knew so much about me even though we'd never met before, and we sat and had some beers together and a really nice chat then arranged to go out at night. Carita has VIP cards for most of the clubs on the island so she managed to get everyone onto the guest list for Ministy of Sound at Pacha and we headed there at 4am.

Pacha was packed full of people, so much so that there was hardly space to dance, so we went upstairs, and sat out on the terrace, chilling out and drinking. The club itself is pretty cool and manages to have a rustic, Mediterranean feel to it even though it's huge. When the sun finally rose and people began to leave we headed back to Zamindar and continued drinking and talking with everyone from Manic until we finally went to bed at 9am, very pissed, but having had a lovely night.


Thank for a great party at Pacha and on Zamindar. Too bad we couldn't stay longer with you two. Now we are back in Sweden after 3 weeks sailing. Difficult to come back to this freezing cold country even if it is beautiful. Planning to sail around on the west coast during a few days before the temperature starts to flirt with the zeros... Hello to Carita.

Maxime and Alexandra

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