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Guardia Civil and Bioluminecence

As I was making my way into town today at high speed in the dinghy I froze as I heard the sudden, loud roar of engines right behind me. Thinking that I was about to be run down and killed by a powerboat or ferry that I hadn't seen, I turned around to see a Guardia Civil helicopter thunder about 25 metres over my head. They'd approached directly behind me and dropped down to buzz the shit out of me! By the time I made it into town shaken I was badly in need of some coffee and a change of shorts!

Tonight I watched Le Grand Bleu, one of those films you just have to have onboard a boat. Unfortunately, watching it gives me this uncontrollable urge to grab a mask and fins and jump over the side to go free-diving, which is not always a good idea after drinking quite a bit of beer and wine on a Saturday night. Earlier in the day I'd been working on staying underwater longer and had managed to fight the urge to breathe long enough that my legs had gone numb, which I was quite impressed by. So I grabbed one of the waterproof torches and jumped into the blackness. It felt really amazing, and then I switched off the torch to find that the water was filled with bioluminescence - as I swam, I was lit up by green sparks which flew around me as I moved and past my eyes. It was incredible, quite hallucinogenic, and totally unbelievable. Must try in future not to watch that film whilst pissed though...

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