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Palm Tungsten C Breakage

Bugger. I've been using a Palm Tungsten C for the last couple of months... until last night when I took it out of my back pocket to wardrive a street... and the screen was broken. I guess with the casing being made out of plastic it must have twisted slightly in my pocket and the screen just went. I've been carrying Palms around for the last three or four years and it's the first major breakage I've had, which implies that the Tungsten C isn't quite as durable as it's older siblings. And the cost for a screen replacement from Palm... 175 euros! I was just finishing writing a long term review of it which I'll stick up here and will now also include the obligatory destructive test. Meanwhile I'll have to use my older but tougher m505 as a brain until I get it repaired. Spent last night somewhat pissed off, getting drunk and eating half a kilo of chocolate.


I have just had a very similar experience. Took out of my briefcase and found the LCD had hairline cracks and the screen no longer functioned. Also very pissed off as i only had it for 6 weeks, and had also had more durable palms in ther past. The C is certainly very delicate compared to previous versions. I am grumpy as i had to go and buy another

After ~ 6 mos. of using the bulky Tungsten C and porting it about in its unwieldy aluminum case, the VERY FIRST TIME that I had it out of its "armour" I sat down, with the "naked" C in my front pocket, only to hear a brittle >crittt-ickkk!boo-hoo!

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