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Privilege, Ibiza

in Privilege with Carita Ketola
We went out to a trance party in Privilege, the worlds biggest club, the other night and had a really good time. A lot of the local hippy contingent were there and the atmosphere was more chilled than in any club Id been in for a long time, though this could, of course, be something to do with the huge amount of drugs going around in Ibiza. We, of course, stayed till close and staggered back to the boat wasted at 0800. Photos from the night


Great photos man, Berit recons your looking younger too, I put it down to the paintshop pro :-) Talking of which, was the sign in the toilet modified by you, and who exactly 'is not allowed to take drugs', they didn't say?

Love BnC

...and there I was thinking I was finally looking like a grown up! and I promise to write your name into the sign if I go back to the club!

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