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October 1, 2003

See You Next Year...

Circoloco had their mammoth closing party on Monday which started at 6am and went on for almost 24 hours. Thousands were queueing outside, some of whom had been partying non-stop for three days and nights, and as the party went on a constant stream of ambulances ferried people away every five minutes.

In the days since, however, most of the young, trendy, beautiful people have either left the island or are still hospitalised on it, and they've been replaced by a new type of tourist. It's almost as if Britain has emptied the old folks homes, kicked the cripples out of hospital, the fashion police have released the chronically badly dressed, and they've all been put on Easyjet flights to Ibiza. Sitting at my regular cafe this morning the usual, pleasant parade of lovely, tanned, near naked bodies had been replaced by obese, pale, wrinkled shapes wearing skin-tight shorts and sweat soaked t-shirts. It was a truly harrowing experience and most of them, embarassingly, were British. It's impossible to walk down the streets they're so clogged with wheelchairs, people on crutches, and those too fat to walk, and you can't even sit at a restaurant without someone nearby removing their teeth so that they can slurp down some soup.

But I suppose it is October. Most of the clubs are in darkness. El Divino no longer blasts Ibiza's heartbeat across our harbour anchorage through the night, and every day more shops and bars in town close for the winter. It's inescapable. Maybe the people who went home from Circoloco in an ambulance knew what was coming.

October 3, 2003

UK Flights

We just booked a couple of very cheap (33 euros) seats to the UK with Easyjet in two weeks time though unfortunately they're the same evening as a huge party we'd been invited to here by one of the record company owners. They also get into London at 02:00 in the morning but I'm sure Chris won't mind picking us up from the airport... will you mate?

Click MORE for flight details

Saturday 18 October, flight 3048
departs Ibiza at 00:30 (i.e. early hours of Saturday morning), arrives London Stansted at 01:55

October 7, 2003

Home in Formentera

On Sunday night Carita and I sailed over to Formentera, arriving here at 03:30, and berthed in the marina, our new home for the winter. Most of the tourists have left the island now so the place feels very, very chilled and we're planning to spend the next couple of weeks relaxing and doing some sailing around here.

October 10, 2003

Something to Sink your Teeth Into

bumm burger
This surely has to be the best place to eat in Ibiza. How can you resist a Bumm Burger??

October 15, 2003

Barbecue in Espalmador

barbecue in espalmador
We took the dinghy down to Espalmador the other night, lit a fire, and had a lovely time barbecueing some food on the beach. It felt really great to be away from people and civilisation, and the food tasted better than anything we'd eaten all summer - obviously we're both turning into hippies. On the way back to the marina we passed the taxi motorboat from Ibiza which, for some bizarre reason, had run into the end of the breakwater in Formentera, smashed open its hull, and the skipper was being helped into an ambulance.

October 16, 2003

Thumb Tricks

We're just getting things cleaned and sorted up onboard in preparation for leaving on Friday. Today when we were lifting the outboard into the boat, however, the harness came off it and 65kg of engine fell down onto my hand, interestingly causing my thumb to dislocate and bend right back to my wrist. Don't think I'll be using my right hand for very much over the coming weeks.

October 17, 2003

Bye Bye Ibiza

After a busy day getting Zami fixed up we dragged our rucksacs through the rain and caught the slow ferry to Ibiza. We're now sitting in the sterile void of Ibiza airport, drinking beer and looking at the flight info screens to see that our Easyjet flight is already running 2 hours late so who knows when we'll get to London.

October 20, 2003

Cold Again

Our Easyjet flight ended up being three hours late when it finally landed in London. Chris, however, thankfully picked us up from Stansted but due to the delay it was 0830 by the time we drove to Bristol so we slept most of Saturday. Currently we're spending our time adjusting to the cold weather and getting back into consumerism and pubs.

October 23, 2003

Pendragon Estate

Simon picked us up from Bristol on Tuesday and for the last few days we've been staying in his lovely place, Pendragon Estate in Cornwall, and he's been busy giving us a guided tour of the area. Today we drove over to Falmouth, which I hadn't been to for years, and visited the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, which was pretty cool even if the boats were all a bit on the small side.

October 24, 2003

Witchcraft in Cornwall

This morning we went along to the Eden Project, two huge biospheres, one of which is the world's largest greenhouse, with 5,000 different species of the world's plants in them. I hadn't been along since it was being built and it was truly impressive to see it fully established now.

In the afternoon we had a lovely drive through the Cornish countryside to the north coast and the beautiful fishing village of Boscastle where we visited the Museum of Witchcraft. It looks like it's simply a small collection in a cottage but as you begin to walk through you realise just how big it is - the world's largest collection of witchcraft artefacts in fact. It was all very interesting and Carita loved it.

October 26, 2003

Back in Bristol

We spent a lovely morning yesterday swimming in Simon's pool and using his sauna before driving back up to Bristol. It was so relaxing down in Cornwall that coming back to the city felt like a bit of a shock but we managed to make the most of it by going out to a bar in the evening with Berit and drinking a little too much.

October 27, 2003

Going to Scotland

I've just booked a flight to Scotland on Thursday with Ryanair.
Flight details are under 'MORE'

From London Stansted(STN) to Prestwick Glasgow(PIK)
Thu, 30Oct03 Flight FR413 Depart STN at 15:25 and arrive PIK at 16:35

October 30, 2003

Back in Shortland

Carita and I spent the morning in London together then caught the coach to Stansted before she took a flight home to Finland and I came up to Scotland. Saying goodbye was really difficult after spending all of our time together for the last few months but I will, of course, be going to Finland to see her. Colin met me at the railway station and immediately forced me to go out drinking in a varied selection of Glasgow's wonderful bars - much against my will, but at least I do now feel like I'm back in the motherland.

October 31, 2003


carita's pumpkins
Traditional Celtic Halloween traditions seem to be at risk of being eaten up by Americanism invading Scotland as children go around 'trick or treating' now rather than 'guising' or 'ducking for apples' as was normally the case just a few years ago. It's so sad to see these traditions and signs of local identity dying out and being swept away by consumerism and crap.