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See You Next Year...

Circoloco had their mammoth closing party on Monday which started at 6am and went on for almost 24 hours. Thousands were queueing outside, some of whom had been partying non-stop for three days and nights, and as the party went on a constant stream of ambulances ferried people away every five minutes.

In the days since, however, most of the young, trendy, beautiful people have either left the island or are still hospitalised on it, and they've been replaced by a new type of tourist. It's almost as if Britain has emptied the old folks homes, kicked the cripples out of hospital, the fashion police have released the chronically badly dressed, and they've all been put on Easyjet flights to Ibiza. Sitting at my regular cafe this morning the usual, pleasant parade of lovely, tanned, near naked bodies had been replaced by obese, pale, wrinkled shapes wearing skin-tight shorts and sweat soaked t-shirts. It was a truly harrowing experience and most of them, embarassingly, were British. It's impossible to walk down the streets they're so clogged with wheelchairs, people on crutches, and those too fat to walk, and you can't even sit at a restaurant without someone nearby removing their teeth so that they can slurp down some soup.

But I suppose it is October. Most of the clubs are in darkness. El Divino no longer blasts Ibiza's heartbeat across our harbour anchorage through the night, and every day more shops and bars in town close for the winter. It's inescapable. Maybe the people who went home from Circoloco in an ambulance knew what was coming.


i know, it has been a really depressing time after dc10 closing. but two days later, another closing party started to be the best one i ever had...no, i'm not talking about the inevitable bora bora closing. there is a club, next to the amnesia and privilege on the road to san antonio. you know it for sure...

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