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P800 Complaints

I'm back in Bristol now staying with Chris and Berit and planning my next move. I've been uploading pics from my phone to the moblog and that continues to be working pretty well, though I find I'm liking my Sony-Ericsson P800 less and less every day as I discover just how badly they've designed the interface. There's unbelievably no t9 predictive text, it's impossible to do most things single-handed without getting the stylus out, it doesn't waken up for an alarm, and I keep accidently dialling people while I'm trying to do other things on the touchscreen.

When I was in Carphone Warehouse getting the faulty one replaced at the weekend, they'd just had a woman in who was in tears because she didn't like her new phone and wanted her old one back. I'm getting to that state.

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