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Seeing the Light

I promised myself months ago that this year I was going to stop using Windows due to the number of weeks I'd lost from my life having to sort out Windows crashes, and the fact that I hate Micro$oft and the way they operate. I came up to Scotland with the idea of a new Mac in the back of my mind and Colin, being a long time Mac user, has since been doing his best to initiate me into the ministry.

For a start I'm staying in his spare room where his eMac lives and it's a bit like having company in the room. While it's sleeping the white power indicator on the front of the casing pulses slowly on and off like a living, breathing creature. The attention to small design features are terrific - the mouse plugs into the keyboard and the keyboard plugs into the main unit, keeping cabling mess to a minimum. There's also a spare usb socket on the side of the keyboard, so I plugged my digital camera into it the other evening just to see if I could get it working. Immediately, the camera appeared on screen as an external drive, I clicked on iPhoto and it found all the shots, then clicking 'import' they were all downloaded. So easy it explains why all the stoners use Macs.

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