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I called and booked a room in a hostel from the ferry just before we got out of Finland's mobile coverage, which was just as well as none of my collection of sim cards worked on the Estonian networks. It was dark as I got off the ferry and wandered from the port up through Tallinn's old town with it's amazing collection of medieval buildings. Almost every street has stunning architecture and it's obvious why it's a UNESCO heritage site.

Eventually, I found the tram I was looking for, got on it without a ticket, and it sped off in the wrong direction. It took some time, but finally I made it to the hostel. It was part of a multi-storey in a housing scheme and I prepared myself for spending the night in an awful room. The receptionist, a middle-aged woman in a leopard-skin print jacket seemed friendly enough and took me to the room. Surprisingly, however, it was really quite nice, with a double bed and satellite tv, which was just as well as I didn't fancy trying to find anywhere else to stay.

I relaxed for a bit and found VH1 on the tv, but for some reason it was showing just 1980's videos - obviously some time-warp is happening in Estonia or people just like watching Kylie when she was a teenager! After I couldn't handle anymore of it I went out, found a McDonalds around the corner (a Big Mac is only about 2euros here), and headed back into town.

Tallinn really is incredibly beautiful, and it's cheap. After I'd satisfied myself with walking around the streets I found myself drawn into a huge beer hall. I then spent a busy night sampling Estonia's beer supplies and then embarked on a hazy bus trip back to the hostel.

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