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Finnish Sauna Sessions

Last night we had a serious sauna session. Carita's grandparents, who we're visiting in Turku, have a lovely, wood-fired sauna and so I was given a lesson on Finnish sauna culture.

Wood-fired saunas take about two hours to get up to temperature, after which Carita and I went in and did a bit of sweating - naked of course as it's unhygienic to wear anything. We took a break and stood outside on the terrace to cool off - there'd just been a fresh fall of snow and everything was white but, of course, it was pretty freezing and we soon returned to the sauna to warm up and beat each other with oak branches until our bodies were red. Apparently, this isn't just for sado-masochists but improves your blood circulation and softens your skin by leaving beneficial leaf extracts on it. We had some 'sauna beers' to relax us even more and threw some cold water over each other - I'm told it's normal to get pissed in the sauna here. Many saunas in Finland are wood-fired as it gives a smoother, less dry and more controllable heat, and it was lovely sitting there drinking cold beer. After that we had a cold shower and washed each other, which is apparently another very Finnish thing for couples to do.

We left the sauna and spent the rest of the evening eating oven sausage and drinking a Finnish snapsi called Koskenkorva, which I was pressured by Carita's grandfather to down with a slice of guerkin (which I do hate). Finally, somewhat dazed, we returned to the sauna to warm our bones before collapsing into bed together.


Well that sounds just perfect.. less the guerkins
that is !
Did u forget to put the photos up of the fladulation session or are they to come ?

Please please bring back some chocolate fanny !

love and kisses


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