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South-West Finland

Convinced that we should stop wandering around forests and do some serious travelling we spent the weekend driving the south-west Finnish coast. We woke up early on Saturday with a bit of a hangover, stumbled out, and drove to 14th century Raasepori Castle. The west coast of Finland uses Swedish as a first language, much to Carita's disagreement, and bizarely, Swedish speakers tend to get the better jobs in the country. We carried on to Hanko, Finland's southernmost town and it's biggest sailing centre, walked along the beach, and enjoyed one of the worst burgers in Scandinavia.

It was beginning to get dark as we drove through Helsinki and onto Porvoo, one of the oldest towns in Finland and with lovely, wooden houses clustered in the old part of town by the river. We checked into the youth hostel there while Carita terrified the staff with Ira, her rottweiler. It turned out to be one of the strictest hostels I'd stayed in, however, and I was kicked out of the kitchen so it could close at 11pm with my half-cooked pizza in hand.

I woke up and looked out of the window this morning to find everything covered in snow - finally things are beginning to look how Finland should look in the winter.

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