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Happy New Year 2004

We spent the new year in Lohja, watched the fireworks in town, had some drinks, then brought in the new year. It's traditional in Finland to melt tin horseshoes at midnight then drop them into water - the shape they make tells your future for the year. Mine looked a bit like a dragon, though it also looked quite like a piece of melted tin.

A couple of hours later we celebrated the Scottish new year, checked out George Square in Glasgow on the webcam, which was packed (Dundee's webcam couldn't handle the traffic, ha), and Carita and I continued drinking until the morning. Happy New Year and the best of luck to all of my friends who check out this site, and all the people I don't know who come here as well!


Happy new year to you too ya mad haggis!

Happy new year to the both of u.
Mines the dragon !


cornish dragon

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