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London Boat Show 2004

I spent yesterday afternoon at the London Boat Show, which turned out to be incredibly unexciting. One of the attractions of it this year is that some of the boats are in the water, as it's at a new venue (not sharing the stage with Justin Timberlake in Earls Court), though actually it turned out there were only nine sailing boats on the dock. There were a fair share of stands selling miracle vegetable slicers and similar shopping channel delights, however, but most of the marine stands were staffed by people in boat shoes and polyester suits trying hard to avoid eye contact with anyone.

The electronics stands had hardly changed their products in five years. There was only one system that alllowed you to control your boat remotely by mobile phone (which was well overpriced), and none of the world's leading marine electronics companies had a wireless remote navigation system (which I've been using over wi-fi on the boat since last summer). But it was very easy to find a mechanical speed system exactly like they used 200 years ago, which seems to be what appeals to Britain's yachties.

I had been hoping to meet up with Chris as he was in London as well, but he called to say that he had to get up early the folllowing morning for a busy day involving ballet and couldn't make it. So I caught the coach up to Luton airport and slept in a corner there before getting up to check in for my flight to Madrid at 05:30.


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