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Tech Acceptance

One of the impressive things about Finland is, of course, its mobile phone and tech culture and how it's readily accepted and used in everyday life. I spent yesterday in Helsinki and to buy a ticket for the metro, a bus, or ferry you simply send a text message and the amount is debited from your phone account. If you're a regular traveller you can buy a travelcard that, like in Hong Kong, works by inductance - just swipe your bag or wallet with it inside across the sensor and it's detected. No hunting for change or stamping ancient pieces of cardboard. You can purchase things from vending machines or in some cafes by sending a text, and it's quite normal to be able to send a text message to your home to turn the sauna on or check the temperature or security system. Even in the middle of the forest in the middle of nowhere the mobile coverage is so good that you get ISDN speeds (115kbps) over a data connection so you're never out of touch.

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