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iPod Cafe

I took a ferry over to Ibiza yesterday and spent a chilled day wandering around. I checked out Ibiza Town's newest cafe, which, although it doesn't yet appear to have a name, is directly across the road from the ferry terminal.

The Spanish really spend a lot of money fitting out their bars and cafes - many of them are so beautifully finished inside that if they were in Britain, they'd be too posh and expensive to go into for a coffee. They'd been outfitting this place all summer; it's all sollid wood, marble, and brass panels (though I'd be tempted to squeeze four times as many tables into the place, but that's just me).

Another thing that Spanish cafes invest highly in are their speaker and hi-fi systems, and indeed this place has lovely big JBL loudspeakers in the corners. I sat there, sipping my cafe con leche, enjoying the sound, and afterwards went to pay the bill. It was then I noticed that behind the bar, apart from a big Yamaha amp, there didn't seem to be any other hi-fi equipment. No cd player or anything. Then I spied it - a tiny iPod sitting in it's cradle. All the tracks were mp3s from it's hard drive, and though it's just about the size of a deck of cards, it was handling the whole sound system beautifully. Slick. I've been thinking about replacing Zamindar's stereo system with one for a while, but please Apple, give it wi-fi, and then it'll be the ultimate remote hard drive... and you could file-share with it as you walked around.


I fully concur Bron I was amazed in Menorca the
quality of the bar fitting, stainless steel everywhere, state of the art hifi and computerised
tills even down to individual tappas.
The style just ozzed out but that wasn't all the
dress sense and deportment of both boys and the girls of all ages, the lack of overwieght Spaniards, no grafitti (except a little against the war) no litter no drunks.
The boat was only locked in Castles de Porter due
to it being a drunk English enclave. But in Mahon all along the quay were houses with the doors and windows open. Try that in Plymouth !
In times gone by the brits thought of Spain as all
most third world not anymore. The backward country
is now the Uk and by along way.
It is so very sad.

Love and kisses


Ipod the way to go bro !

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