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Tick Attack

We were relieved to get back to Bangkok, and after many days of travelling and restless nights, I crashed out unconscious. An hour or so later, however, Carita wakens me up, telling me to get out of bed. Convinced that she's just having another bizarre, psychotic dream I try to ignore her, but she refuses to leave me alone. "The beds are infested with ticks", she says as I stagger up. Looking down I see that she's not hallucinating and the beds are, in fact covered with big ticks intent on finding blood and crawling with larvae. It's pretty disgusting looking but I consider things and reckon I could probably still get back to sleep and just ignore them; Carita, however, seems intent on moving out of the room to somewhere more hygienic.

The rest of the rooms were full so we decide to go somewhere else. I realise, though, that if we wait to check-in for a couple of hours till 0600 we can save paying for another room for the night. So we pack up our things and sit waiting in a bar whilst listening to the deranged ravings of pissed Swedish people at the next table as big cockroaches run around our feet.

Finallly, after a painfully slow couple of hours, it's time to check in and we get a room at the still-being-built Rambuttri Guesthouse. We go through all of our clothes and belongings attempting to pick the ticks out of them then have several frantic showers, trying to wash the larvae off our skin, but still we itched.

Crawling into bed and getting comfortable, I was finally ready to pass out again. At that moment, however, someone begins hammering and a circular saw starts up - it was the builders starting work next door to our room. Obviously, I wasn't supposed to sleep tonight, so I lie awake, scratching and mulling the joys of world travel.



So often in Thailand ...
Turning in to a Nicola???

Chris, pissed again in Mallorca

Yes, I come here to do my Tai-Chi and work on my meditation.


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