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Baggage Extortion

Simon dropped me off at Newquay airport yesterday at 0630 and over I went to check in for Ryanair's morning flight to Stansted. They've recently cut the baggage allowance down to 15kg and so, carrying the stuff I brought back from Asia, I was told that my bag was 9kg too heavy and this would cost me 30! I of course said that my friend was still outside and that I would leave some things with him and be right back. I tried to call Simon who'd just left but couldn't get hold of him and so, determined not to pay any surcharges I began redistributing my luggage.

1. Stripped off outside and beginning with bottom layers, put on most of the clothes I was carrying until I looked enormous.
2. Removed all heavy object such as books and packed them into my jacket pockets.
3. Packed anything else that could possibly fit into my carry on bags.
4. Returned to counter to find that check-in weight was now fine.

Arriving in London Stansted, however, I had seven hours to wait for my flight to Glasgow and knowing that I was flying with Ryanair again I kept a lot of the clothes on. The day dragged on until finally check-in opened, I once again managed to get my gear on without any surcharges, and eventually we left Stansted airport. By the time I got to Colin's flat in Glasgow at 1900 I was fairly exhausted, though not tired enough to stop me from, traditionally, heading out to the pub for a few beers.


Good lad I am most impressed.
Those Scottish and Polish geenes
have stood u in good stead !!
Ryanair must be having a larf
3 times the cost of the flight
for 15kgs of bagage.
Lucky u left your coat with me !
What is the name of Colins new
washing machine ?



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