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iPod Lust

Since I'd first played with an iPod in an Apple dealers, I'd been hooked - there's just something highly sensual about their design that makes them so desirable. So the other day, now that I've got a decent laptop to plug it into, I finally bought one. The first really impressive thing about it is the box - you slide off the sleeve, the box flips open in the middle, and the word, "enjoy" is printed on a white card covering the machine. Truly the nicest box I've ever opened, and great if it's a present (even to yourself!). iPod itself is smaller than you expect, easily fits in the palm of your hand, and with a perfectly polished back, making it something you just want to touch. It works so smoothly and seamlessly with Mac OS X that it's truly a pleasure to use. I'm planning to rip all my CDs onto it and then, as well as carrying it around, use it as the main hi-fi on the boat, plugged through the main amp and speakers.


Hi there is an excelent service available.


It accepts storage of all interesting cd's in
case of iPod loss or failure !!


and of course i will provide the perfect speakers to go with it; bluerooms! ;)

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