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The Strange World of Ryanair

I'm in Prestwick airport waiting for a flight to Frankfurt - or rather it would be Frankfurt if only I wasn't flying with Ryanair. After booking the flight to 'Frankfurt Hahn', I checked up how to get to Frankfurt railway station and discovered that what Ryanair calls Frankfurt Hahn has nothing to do with Frankfurt at all and is in fact 110km away from the city, it's main airport, almost two hours away by bus, and closer to Luxemburg than it is to Frankfurt!

If the flight's on time then I should be able to catch the last bus at 00:30, spend the night rough somewhere in Frankfurt, and, everything going to plan, rendevous with Carita who should turn up on an early morning train from Finland with Ira the Rottweiler. Then the plan is to take trains all the way down to Barcelona and catch the ferry over to Ibiza.

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