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Back Onboard

Ira seems to be settling down onboard the confines of the boat pretty well and enjoying all of her new experiences - chasing seagulls and lizards, trying to breathe underwater, and getting used to all the noises and movements of living onboard. It's also nice to have a dog around again as it's years since I last had one.

We were all quite knackered by the time we finally got to Formentera. Everything onboard Zamindar seems to be fine, thankfully, and although her camera hadn't been sending me pictures for the last few weeks, it seems to have just been a software crash and after a reset it's working fine again. We warped the boat around so that her stern is now into the dock and Ira can easily jump on and off - sorting up all the lines really felt like doing hard physical work after taking it easy for months. The weather was pretty awful for the first few days after we arrived, with gale force winds and driving rain but it seems to be improving now.


Great to hear that your all back on board safe and sound.

Good tip for large dogs on boats - invest in a dog life jacket. We found it stopped Tara drowning us when she tried to climb on our backs for a rest! Also doubles as a useful hoisting point :-)

Take care, love BnC xx

Dog preserver link - www.lifejackets.co.uk/Lifejackets-Dog.htm


Thanks for the tip, but that was the first thing we invested in.

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